Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time out!

Went to see this movie because first I got the tickets for of Arbin's allowance. We watched it at Robinson's Metro East, 9am. It's funtime outside with my kids, and we enjoyed it very much lalo na akong MJ fanatic.

Monday, November 9, 2009


She's out of the woods!

Last week, Hershey suddenly had lost her appetite, stayed in the corner and almost as always slept the day away. She only fumbled her way in her usual corner to peeh but I almost puke when I one day did smell something awful. When I tried to look around for that stinking odor, I saw fresh blood but it wasn't the red but it was far beyond the color of fresh blood. It wasn't what I was expecting because it was her pooh...when I saw some underneath his long tail. What I did was I called my son and let him brought Hershey to our vet. Voila! He gave Hershey a 30% chance to live. He told me that her condition was something critical already. Since I was shy of extra money that time, my son instead of having Hershey into confinement that would cost us P1800 in 24 hours only, and spending again P1500 the next day...for a complete package, he just asked for some medications to bring home. We all prayed for Hershey's recovery.. Reggie, my son's buddy told me in jest, "tita maghanda na po kayo ng sako", but that was long before they took Hershey to the doctor. Now, Hershey is back in his frisky behavior, barks a lot, and her appetite is really going up to the maximum level. Trying to catch up some lost time I think after a week-long of being famished due to lack of appetite and energy. After ensuring her condition,  I  then took Mishah to the vet again for injections. And  I always see to it that the house is in spic and span order and spraying every nook with Lysol every now and then for our protection naman. Mahirap ang may alaga kung wala kang tyaga. We dispose their dungs properly and we do not allow them to just pooh everywhere. Pet lovers should always be responsible owners.

My babylove...Mishah!

I think there's a very slim chance left for me to see Homer again.....after he lost his way during the height of Ondoy's floodwater. Maybe he was salvaged from the surging water by PAWS...good thing if that was possible...and I hope so instead of thinking that he died of hunger and cold  or drowned. I wasn't able to look for him around the vicinity where he was during the typhoon because the car was not spared by the raging flood.

We do miss Homer a lot!

Monday, October 12, 2009